Monday, May 18, 2009

Red Kelp in Morning, Photographer in Mourning

Not really a full kelp rant, but since I mentioned it on twitter I thought I'd fill things out a bit here. I had a studio shoot scheduled today with a lovely redhead - today at 1:00. At 8:30am she wrote to cancel with an excuse involving her husband not approving. I'm not sure of the details especially if he knew she was planning on doing this before last night. There's probably a whole interesting soap opera there.

Luckily I was lazy last night and hadn't done any prep work yet. When you have your own shooting space and you're doing figure work the logistics are really easy - I just need somebody to show up and we get it done. It's not like I had a deposit down on a rental studio or a cancellation fee for a makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe, etc. etc. let alone building a set. For other photographers this would be major cause for hair pulling and gnashing of teeth. (The one that really gets me is when they don't take ten seconds to send a note saying they can't make it - that's a big waste of time. Somebody flaking on a location shoot is even worse, although I always call and check in before leaving which helps.)

The relationship thing's tricky. It's tricky for photographers too - imagine being married to somebody who regularly has young, attractive, nude models over for a couple of hours. If there are any trust issues in the relationship at all, you're going to find out about them really fast!


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