Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shoot story

I was taking a first pass through all of the remaining shoots from in my editing backlog and this reminded me of a story.

So as you might guess from that picture, especially if you click on it to make it a bit bigger, there was a decent amount of morning sun but it was still cold, with on and off again wind. We're on a public trail near the bay... pose, pose, pose, snap, snap, snap.

And we hear coming over the hill some women's voices and some dogs. OK, fine, we're polite folks so I toss her something to cover up with. But still, as they crest the hill there's this beautiful young girl who's mostly wearing a light robe standing in front of this flowering bush and an older guy with a camera. We do in fact appear to be Up To Something.

Turns out there are three women and ten dogs. I don't know if they were walking them professionally (around here professional dog walkers often go into certain dog friendly parks) or if they just love dogs but we've got ten off leash dogs sniffing my gear, me, the model, and generally acting doggy. Chaos. The three women flash us some smiles, say hello, and continue down the hill. They act like nothing's out of the usual at all. They play it totally cool.

And just as they get to a bend in the trail and go out of sight, one of them turns back and shouts "Just so you know, we'll be passing back this way in about ten minutes!"

People ask me a lot what it's like to shoot nude outdoors and how people act. And in the bay area that's actually pretty typical. But it does seem to help if you make some attempt to politely cover up (what if they have their 10 year old son with them and don't want to answer any questions? Or their 15 year old son and they don't want to physically drag him down the path?) and normally we'd be at least a bit off trail - it's just sometimes there's something right on the trail and you may as well just go for it.

New pictures on Friday - outdoors, but another set. If I get them done on Thursday night I might tweet them then and do the other notifications in the morning (Twitter link over there on the right sidebar.)


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