Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Model - Rebecca

Here's Rebecca. Kind of an odd shoot - we only had an hour, and hadn't met before, and I was trying some oddball lighting. Like this - this is more of that bare bulb stuff I've been playing with, but with her sitting and with me at a high angle. The shadow she's casting is pretty interesting.

That's what got me started wondering if this might not be a bad approach for the summer - move to something a bit closer to a test shoot model - if I have some gal who looks like she's probably pretty, but she has crappy snapshots and I'd normally do a pre-meet I can just meet her at the coffee place down the street and if she seems OK we can pop back here for a quickie mini shoot - get her some starter pictures and me some shots, and I can do maybe one or two "safe" setups I know will work and then experiment the rest of the time. I often do 20-30 minute portrait sessions with totally inexperienced gals so it should produce nice results more often than not, and if I bring her back for a second, full shoot the comfort level will be that much higher.

Makes sense on paper, anyway... and I like it better than doing a pre-meet with somebody stunning and not getting any picture that day and having to drag them back.


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