Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little Updates

I just counted and I've uploaded 9 new model sets (so not including Yosemite pictures or whatever). Traditionally I've done 30-35 per year so calling this a third of the way through the year it's a bit low but in the ballpark. If I go to once a week updating that will probably be OK - I still have 5-6 shoots in the can, and if I do a couple of shoots here and there I can stretch that out a bit before and it should work out. So I think I'm going to try for regular Friday updates for a while - plan canceled in case of colic, basically, but we'll see. So far she's a very good baby and actually lets us sleep now and again. *fingers crossed*

I'm definitely hoping to be up and running this summer because between traveling models and bored college students with no summer job there's a really nice mix of new models, both with and without experience (either of which has its advantages - first timers usually work for images, and anyway they're often kind of shy/cute in a way the experienced models aren't always).

On the flip side eBay is usually terrible in the summer, so if I want one last good push of listing stuff now's the time. It's been hard to do it at good times so I've just set up the scheduler to list a couple of items every day starting Monday. We'll see how it goes. It was really awful around Feb-March but I wasn't really doing "best practices" - it seems to work better if you list in a really consistent way and don't skip days or have tons of pictures and then a few and then tons again. Just be very consistent and you'll get people checking in regularly and it all seems to work better.

And finally my to do list in no real order looks something like
  • Pick up large format photography again
  • More light painting
  • More natural light
  • More two model shoots
  • I have a little wish list of ethnicities or body types or looks I haven't shot in a while
  • I want to do more fire work.
  • I have some other motion related stuff I've been meaning to revisit


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