Saturday, July 29, 2006

Why the blog?

I got kind of this weird comment (that made me turn on comment moderation) but part of it was basically this accusation that the point of this blog is to sell more prints.

Um, yeah, what did you expect, recipes?

They actually didn't say what they wanted, but that's probably it. :-)

I have had a variety of posts that are things like where do you find your models? but the original goal was to have a way of saying what new models sets were up. If you want this and no fluff I still maintain an RSS Feed with just that content. As time went on in addition to answering some FAQ items I've talked about the process of putting a book together, talked extensively about how to print cyanotypes and such (a number of photographers wrote to say they found that useful) and in usual blog fashion pretty much anything else that struck my fancy.

My understanding is if you have a political blog and talk about your kids people get upset, and if you have a homeschooling blog and talk about politics people get upset.

Anyway, if somebody wants to know something in particular leave me a comment. Otherwise the blog, like the thousands of pictures on this site, remain free. As long as the prints continue to sell I can use this business model (and no mistake, this is how I earn my living, I don't have a day job) and I can avoid going to some kind of subscription model.

In other news my shoot Friday went great - I'll start editing those shots today. Long story short but I ended up riding my bike to the local BART station (public transit - think Washington Metro, same company built it) and back to pick her up and drop her off since she had her bike with her and it seemed easier than any other way. Kind of fun to go bike riding with a model around the neighborhood.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Art by us

Well, I've decided to try a small scale test of which is an online auction place specializing in original art. There's not a ton of stuff there but mostly it's pretty good to prehaps it's attracting some quality buyers. We'll see. I'm hoping it will be a good place to list my alternative process prints partially because it has some features that make it fairly easy to make a page on this site that lists my auctions there. Since each one is one of a kind and I don't want to do inventory control software from scratch here something along those lines might be ideal. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Well, I've used platinum for the first time in printmaking - platinum toning a vandyke. I've added an explanation and an example to my alternative process page.

After some last minute craziness my shooting schedule includes four shoots by the end of next week. They all have the potential to be very cool shoots, so look for those soon!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

eBay does it again

Good 'ol eBay, in the middle of the summer slowdown, decided this was the perfect time to announce another major fee increase to eBay store owners. For those who don't know, auctions and stores have very different fee structures with different benefits. Now, I've already encouraged people to buy direct for any number of reasons, and actually listed very little there this month anyway, but there were a few things like the alternative process prints which are all one of a kind and it was just easier to list them in the eBay store section than to handle it here on the website.

As a first step, if you're a blog reader and want a cyanotype or Vandyke print listed on eBay just email me and I'll sell them direct for 10% off (not including shipping).

Model News: I've been doing a lot of portrait work lately but I also have three very cool model shoots scheduled and I have some feelers out for more, so check for updates!

If you haven't seen them already, check out the latest Kat pictures!

New Pictures: Kat

I just uploaded a shoot with Kat - if you follow my work at all probably that name will need no introduction. :-)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Magazine Plug and updates

Wow, the folks at The New Nude Magazine were kind enough to get me a copy and it's extremely cool. The quality of the images is astounding - I've never seen a magazine printed like this one. And the photography is just stunning, good stuff.

The other bit of excitement is that next week I have two model shoots, but I also have two paid portrait shoots so I may not get around to editing the model shoots until towards the end of the month. I'm also trying to fit in making more Vandyke prints if my new UV light source ever arrives (too long of a saga to be interesting at this point).

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Simplicity Book Review

Well, the folks at The New Nude Magazine put in their two cents on Simplicity.

Sometimes it’s the simplest nude that holds the most power in the eye of the viewer. San Francisco photographer San Francisco Nudes understands that better then most in his new self published volume Simplicity. Largely a collection of studio based figure studies; the viewer is treated to a near Zen like appreciation for the complexities of the female nude. The result is a visual experience just as the title of the book would suggest, true simplicity.

Hard to complain.

Check out the rest of the review here or see more about Simplicity here.
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