Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Just checking in

Things are going well enough with the baby - most nights the sleeping situation isn't too bad, but even being a little bit short of sleep for enough nights in a row adds up. I'm going to have to develop a more nap centric lifestyle! I did get to spend some time today in the city with a model/friend (not for a shoot - this was a social thing) but mostly I've only been leaving the house for fairly important stuff, like that darn groceries thing.

There will definitely be another set up Fridayish - I'm finally finishing up that light painting set with Maria from March (example shown here). Sure enough, taking the time to do a full shoot isn't something I'd want to be doing super often just now but taking a set and finding the good ones and doing some minor post processing is the kind of work you can do in pieces as time allows.

I think between the sets I have on hand and doing the occasional new shoot (some are scheduled but I've only actually done one post-baby) I can probably keep up a one a week pace for a couple of months but we'll see. At some point I should also think about if I want to do another book this year (I've done one the last four years at about this time) and it's not a huge time suck since I already have the pictures but it does take some time to pick some good ones that go together and figure out the order and all that.

Sure enough this pass on selling on eBay has been pretty pointless so far. For whatever reason economic factors and what have you seems to have affected sales there much more than direct sales on the website thankfully, but it's where a lot of my new customers come from so in the long run it could become a problem. Well, we'll see how it goes.


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