Friday, May 08, 2009

Maria light painting and long exposure nudes

There's a couple of different kinds of shots in the new set with Maria so I'll explain.

The first ones are fairly long exposures but still a fraction of a second (half or a quarter). They use a studio light but without triggering the flash - it's just with the secondary light bulb ("modeling light") that's a convenience feature so you can guestimate what the flash will look like when it fires. For the color geeks - I only partially corrected out the orange color of the light bulbs because these are abstract enough it doesn't bother me, and in fact I think they look a bit odd fully corrected.

Then we see a variety of light sources - I think three different flashlights, and candles in a couple of different holders. Usually I'm holding the light but in a few cases Maria's holding the light herself. All exposures were five seconds in the sense that the shutter was always open for five seconds, but with the flashlights the lights weren't always on the whole time. And in fact sometimes they were blinked on and off as in that second shot above.

I think it was a good first attempt. Some stuff worked better than others but now that I've figured a few things out I'll probably do something like doing a little at the end of every nighttime studio shoot - although this time of year it gets dark so late it may not really happen until the fall. We'll see. Obviously with a one month old (today!) I'm not trying to predict that far ahead... although I am pretty confident I'll have another set up in a week (plus or minus a day or two). I still have lots of material I shot back in March.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some really striking shots in this series- surreal and beautiful. Great job!

Belated congratulations on the new kiddo.


9:18 AM  

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