Female Models Wanted in the San Francisco Bay Area
- especially the East Bay

You can see my current shooting status at the top of my ModelMayhem page.

Please note that I am not doing as many model shoots as I used to, and as a result I'm not currently working with first timer nude models except on a portrait basis. If you're an experienced model who will be in the area and is interested in working with me, drop me a note at contact@san-francisco-nudes.com with a link to your online portfolio. If you are an inexperienced or first timer model and want to write to me anyway, please create an account at modelmayhem.com first (including nudes) and send me a link once it is approved. If you can't get photos they'll approve, ask me about portfolio development. Hint: If uploading nudes to the Interent makes you nervous, you should probably contact me as a portrait client, not as a model.

NOTE: If you get any contact from "me" that's not from the san-francisco-nudes.com domain (with the dashes and all) please write to me at the above address to verify. Why? I had a bozo post ads on craigslist claiming to be from me. I haven't posted a craigslist ad in ages, and this was in an area I haven't traveled to in years. Additionally I don't shoot models when I travel - I can do that here. In other words, it was a total fraud. Thankfully a model was careful enough to contact me directly and I was able to warn her.

If you found this page directly via a search engine you may want to take a quick look at some samples of my work.