Female Models Wanted in the San Francisco Bay Area
- especially the East Bay

If you haven't already check out some samples of my work.

My email is models@san-francisco-nudes.com

I mosly am shooting outdoors right now because the studio needs to be reorganized and a lot of stuff is boxed up.

I used to do this full time. These days I'm just shooting the occasional model to keep in practice. If I get something good I'll probably sell the prints at some point so I do get a full commercial model release and photograph IDs. I'm also taking some video here and there in case I ever want to do a "behind the scenes" video or whatever - let me know ahead of time if that's going to bug you.

Total compensation (images, cash, etc.) is based on look more than experience level, but some people really want to be paid per hour or whatever so basically the more experienced the higher the hourly rate will be because it takes less time. We can keep it informal or I can put a time cap on it, just ask. Shoots are usually 2-3 hours but sometimes I'll do a get to know you shoot or whatever that might be very short. I've gotten some great images out of some really quick shoots.

Experienced Models: Please send a link to your online portfolio. If there aren't any basically unretouched photos please send some. Please warn me if you have some scars or tattos or whatever that aren't in the photos.

Inexperienced Models (anybody without an online portfolio): I'm good at directing so that's not an issue but we'll need to allow more time than an experienced model - I can just put those on auto pilot. Unfortuantely I have some recurring problems with first timers. They often get cold feet. They're more likely to send misleading images (they look great in a bra but not unsupported). I'm a busy guy and I don't want to get ready for a shoot and have it not happen or worse have a model show up and it turns out I can't use her. I used to require that models have some nude shots online somewhere before working with them but I've come up with a system. There are two options (which makes it seem more complicated than it really is).

1. Send me pictures that show you nude, front and rear, with your face in the photos. A short video is fine as long as it shows all the parts. That addresses both the cold feet issue and the "wow that's a great bra" issue. You'll get full consideration for longer and/or paid shoots.

Here's an example of a 6 second video that tells me a LOT. I would rather her whole face was in it and that she showed further down but still, that's a lot of information for six seconds of work. My email box won't take more than 10MB in an attachment so if you want to do a video keep it short or post it somewhere (dropbox?) and send me a link.

2. If you're not comfortable with that, it's a red flag. I used to have people just drop by the studio without sending nudes first but it's actually kind of a pain. Believe it or not back in the day not everybody had a digital camera so I kind of had to allow for that. These days I require a minimum of a topless shot and then if you look good I'll meet with you for maybe a half hour time for images shoot. That's turned out to be a better system than just having random women drop by and undressing.

If anything seems arbitrary it's 20 years of experience talking and I'm basically just playing the odds. People who are uncomfortable sending nude images tend to get cold feet at the last minute when they realize their pictures are going on the Internet. FYI another huge red flag for me is a model who won't send a mobile # before the shoot - I assume she's hedging her bets somehow as to if she's serious. At a minimum I require a text the day of the shoot before I have to do too much setup - we'll discuss it during scheduling. If we're meeting someplace I'll probably have you text when you get in your car on on BART if I'm picking you up there.

Any questions, drop me a note.