Sunday, February 26, 2006

Free shipping promotion

For domestic (US) users using my shopping cart system to buy 8x10 pictures off the website, there's now free shipping until March 3rd, 2006. You don't have to do anything special - it will happen automatically. Just check out the website and if you see something you like, use the add to cart and checkout buttons, it should be obvious.

International users and people buying larger sizes - the shopping cart system still isn't smart enough to work for you, sorry. But I'm offering you free shipping with a purchase of two or more prints. Please see my prints page for details.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Pictures - Yasmin

I just uploaded a new set of pictures - this time of Yasmin. She's lovely. You'll like her. Check her out. :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hosting Companies

I've had a little cluster of people asking me about who my hosting company is. I guess things are running faster these days!

They're Lunarpages. I like them just fine despite the name - things run way faster and more reliably than at Affordablehost, my old company. Affordablehost was pretty good at first - I was with them for years - but in the last year they got bought by another company and everything went downhill. One of these days I'll post the whole disaster story - basically they're incompetent (server crashes all the time, no backups, they lost tons of email) and theives (didn't honor their money back guarantees - they stiffed me for my last couple of months).

Put it this way - when the idiots at Affordablehost turned off my hosting because somebody with a popular site linked to me, I had things up and running at Lunarpages within a couple of hours. Affordablehost, who no longer has phone support, didn't respond to my trouble ticket for a couple of days. Case closed.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Finch Pictures

I just uploaded a new set of pictures of Finch. It's a nice mix of different things including some motion shots, corset shots, and some traditional figure work. Check it out!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

This and That

I did end up doing two shoots this week - of course with two different people and on two different days than I had planned a week ago, but sometimes life's like that. One shoot was with Finch and one with Yasmine (who is new to me). I'll try to get those edited and up in short order.

The other bit of news is that I'm trying Yet Another eBay Experiment. I took a couple of pictures and listed them as auctions starting at 99 cents. It's hard to say what will happen - when I used to start the auctions fairly cheaply some of them would go way up high (Record: $59) but most would sell for relatively low prices. Now that I've raised the normal starting price to $19.95 I think my average is $22 but they rarely get above $25 because most of my regulars have caught on they can just buy them direct from me for that. Anyway, if you want to pick up something cheap, who knows, maybe these won't get much action, especially with the Olympics at all.

OK, back to watching curling...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Counting Chickens...

...before they're hatched. Bad idea.

One thing that's frustrating about working with freelance models is that you're never 100% sure they're going to show up until they're at your door. I haven't had any trouble with flakes for the first batch I did this year (8 shoots?) although I did have one scheduled for Jan 3rd where she cancelled a couple of days in advance. So it's also hard to give people a heads up if I'm between shooting cycles as to how long it will be before there's much to talk about here.

But if things basically work out OK I should have roughly a shoot a week showing up on the website starting on, say, the 20th. That works out to be a pretty good pace for me considering I also do portrait work and other things that don't show up here. There may be a few blog updates before then commenting on a shoot I've done. I may also start putting up one or two "preview" shots just for blog readers so there may be some updates between shoots. But basically don't expect a whole lot for a week or so, and then roughly a shoot a week.

Update - over the next couple of days after writing that, I had two shoots rescheduled, one mysteriously cancelled (cold feet?), but also had a couple of models I hadn't heard from in a while suddenly get interested in working with me. So I'll probably do around the same number of shoots... but not necessarily with the same people!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Inventory Reduction

I've tried something new since I got my eBay store reopened recently - an Inventory Reduction section. Basically it's just any picture dated past some certain date that for whatever reason hasn't sold yet. It's kind of a mix - many of them sold a couple of times and I ordered more copies just as sales of that picture dried up. Some of them are from models that aren't for everybody. Some of them I probably just didn't list very often - they never got a fair chance. But I think it's best to just be consistent and go by the date - if it's been around for a while, better to just find it a good home and be done with it.

Anyway, I bring this up today because I updated it with two months of pictures (13 pictures) and I was really surprised at some of the pictures that were in there. I wouldn't have guessed it's been that long since they sold, especially since some of them had done OK in the past. So check 'em out before the good ones have been weeded out!

On a personal note, it's my birthday today!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Metallic Paper

I just listed a bunch of pictures on metallic paper in my eBay store (just click "8x10 metallic" on the left). I have zero idea if they'll sell or not - it's a more expensive process so it costs a bit more, but the results are very nice. I know I have at least a few fans of this paper because people special order it occasionally but it's just really hard to convince people to pay more when the image on their screen looks identical.

If you haven't seen it, it's a very cool reflective paper. It's almost like they somehow printed the image on a thin mirror. It doesn't work for everything but for certain kinds of images it's great and at this point I've used it enough I was able to pick a few images that I knew would look really good.

In other news I'm starting to line up the next rount of shoots but unless somebody's in a rush I'm going to take this next week off from shooting and editing and catch up on other things.
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