Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Alternative Process Price Increases

If you don't know what these prints are, look at the alternative process page.

I'm giving folks fair warning, there will be some changes October 1st.

Cyanotypes will go from $50 to $75. That's both here and on eBay. eBay auction starting prices will go from $35 to $50. (You pretty much have to list some items cheaper at auction to get any traffic). As I mention periodically, the pricing on the alt process prints has been artificially low as I learned the processes, and basically by the end of 2008 I expect them to be at something resembling market rate.

I will also be eliminating the smaller size of platinum print at that time - they're not that popular, and while the material costs are lower the labor's the same as the larger size and it doesn't really make sense to continue them.

I should also warn - it's possible some bright collectors will realize that it's not often you know there's a 50% increase in price in something. If it were a stock you'd back up the truck, right? So if I get backed up on making these so be it, but you'll still have your price locked in and I'll get caught up as soon as I can.


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