Friday, August 31, 2007

Cool old Cameras

They used to make these cool folding medium format pocket cameras. Think Holga but good optics and slimmer and typically with a bellows. They look a bit like a tiny view camera. The problem is they're all really old (50+ years) and typically need a lot of work to actually run. The problem is that finding somebody who knows how to work on them isn't easy these days. So I've wanted one but never really looked into it seriously. Well, I just found this cool Vintage Folding Cameras website. He restores these cameras, and he restores them to use, not as collectors items, so you may end up with a camera with blue bellows and some newly made parts inside. But it should work OK.

Now, I can't vouch for him personally, but I heard good things so I thought I'd mention it. If I buy one I'll let everybody know how it went.

Even if you have zero interest in buying one, check out the camera page - they're very cool looking.

In regards to my (probably 35 year old) Mamiya RB67 I mentioned the other day - got a portrait lens in the mail today, very nice. I figured out why one part in the camera was sticking and causing various problems and unstuck it which made a big difference. Add a newer back that's not quite so worn and it should be a pleasant camera to use, although I still wish it was the newer model as the seller claimed.


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