Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spam spam spam

There's a kind of note I get occasionally from people offering various services. They're in a style that reads like they're from a helpful fan, not just a mass mailing. However, they're never very specific so I assume they're form letters. They take the form of "I love your work, blah blah blah (but never any specifics about even what genre it is let alone a particular model or picture) but boy do you need some help in this particular area. It totally sucks! But good news! I charge lots of money in just that area!"

Could be anything - business cards, logo design, website design, overall marketing, search engine optimization - the same pattern shows up periodically.

The thing that's odd is that some of them are really insulting - does this really work? I mean, it's one thing if you're a yard trimmer to leave your card only on the porches of the yards with crappy lawns to save money on cards, but it's another to include a note saying "Man, your yard really sucks." I mean, if I think it sucks and I've been thinking that I should do something about it just the card will do. If I don't think it sucks - even if you convince me it sucks I'm still not going to give the business to the rude guy. You can add all the nice compliments about my house's paint job you want, you're not touching my yard.

Especially when the other guy says I have a great yard, but oh the paint job...


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