Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mangy Lemon - new camera

Well, I bought a Mamiya RB67. 6x7cm negatives (50 megapixelish) Big massive heavy SLR - you really, really, want to keep it on a tripod. I'm not planning on using it outside of the studio but I did take a test roll out in the backyard, therefore the mangy lemon. I'm hoping to shoot something considerably more interesting with it tomorrow so it's nice to have some idea that it works - especially since some of the interlocks got a little confused in shipping and I had to fiddle with it a bit to even get the shutter to release. Frankly I think it needs a good clean/lube and the seller could have taken a rag and knocked some of the dirt off of it. Sigh. But the optics seem fine and the mechanical stuff does work even if it's not exactly crisp. I have a longer lens coming from KEH (who I should have bought everything from in the first place!) that should arrive in a couple more days.

The plan is just to stick the film shots in with the regular shots, since they'll be 8x10 aspect ratio. The square format Mamiya TLR 330 will get used for outdoor shoots and so forth, so I'll still need to keep that directory going. And of course I'll still use the Holga occasionally. But since most shots are in the studio, generally instead of having a model's shots scattered around they'll be in one place.

Update: Turns out the reason why some stuff didn't make sense versus what the manual was saying is because it's an older, less valuable model. We'll see if I can return it and get a newer one from someplace more reputable. If not, well, I bought it on eBay on my buying account which once again points out how you should buy and sell on different accounts. I'll probably end up leaving negative feedback unless they pull out a miracle at this point, and I don't have to worry about them retaliating.


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