Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some updates

That's Anna over to the left. She's impersonating Nixon jumping - long story, Google it and you'll get some idea. I'm still working on her set - I'm aiming for a Friday release but it really depends on my schedule this week. I have three shoots scheduled but my confidence that they'll all happen is quite low. But in any case I should have either a new set and/or some post shoot notes with pictures by the end of the week.

I'm to the point with some recalibrations with the alternative process photography where I can see the end of my task list. This week I need to photograph a couple of prints so I can add a section on odd paper types (papyrus, kozo) and update the traditional platinum pictures which are quite old and the masked/unmasked pictures which are quite old. I'm hoping to recalibrate Vandyke next week and print a couple, and then it should be in good shape.

Since I sold that camera gear I put in an order for my third White Lightning light - I'd like to be at four eventually. I have two Alien Bee strobes (they're actually from the same company)
- an AB400 and AB800 which I should sell to subsidize that fourth White Lightning unit but frankly I don't want to ship them and every time somebody local is interested in buying them it falls through somehow. I'll probably stick a formal offer here once the new WL unit is here and I've verified it's OK, give it a week, and if nobody wants them I'll stick 'em on eBay and be done with it.

That picture of Anna's taken with three lights, incidentally. An awful lot of stuff I do uses only one or two but it's nice to have some extra options.


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