Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Nikons Out

Since I mentioned the new Canons - if anybody has been waiting for some new Nikons, they just announced a couple of new ones. It's nice to see they came out with a full frame sensor finally - Canon could use some competition in that area, keeps 'em honest. Hopefully these announcements will force them to keep the cost of the 5D replacement reasonable since that will probably be my next digital.

Not a ton of news otherwise - I've been focusing on fine tuning some platinum print issues and building up stock to sell. It's pretty much a constant process of trying things and seeing what works. Things are steadily building up on eBay - I can see the traffic numbers going up but they're still much lower than in the winter. There's always a balance between listing more items usually means more traffic which usually means more sales, but if you go nuts it's expensive and you get diminishing returns pretty fast. So you kind of have to ease into it as traffic picks up to the site overall. Probably after labor day I'll start listing more than a couple of items per day - right now people are traveling and so forth and not spending so much time on the Internet.

I should have some cool shoots around the end of the month but probably nothing until then - waiting for college students to get their class schedules and so forth.


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