Thursday, May 28, 2009

Updates and art notes

I've had enough new sets go up on Fridays recently that I should probably say I don't think the next one will be ready by then, although it's possible. It's probably just as well - I'm running low on stockpiled material. I have two model shoots, some non-model event photography I need to process, and of course I can't share the portrait work. I was hoping to have a couple more model shoots done by now, but I've had some bad luck with model reliability. (I've heard some flaky photographer stories lately too - I don't know what's getting into people). I do have some great shoots scheduled for late June and early July but not a lot before then. Hopefully I can fix that.

We went to the Legion of Honor today (it's an art museum). On the way there we passed by the mayor giving a speech at a bus stop which was weird - at first we just saw a bunch of guys in suits surrounded by a ring of media types with big video cameras and then realized who was in the center of the ring. I found a picture - apparently they're sprucing up the bus stops, oh boy. Kind of funny how it looks like there's only three people there and there must have been fifty people in the "audience" (mostly media). It might be an interesting photo essay to come back every week for a year as it gets totally trashed.

The museum went well - a cool Faberge/Tiffany/Lalique exhibit is about to close so I'm glad I got to see that. It's the start of everybody's big summer special exhibits so they're all closing down about now so the new stuff can get ready. Of particular upcoming interest - King Tut at the de Young and a Georgia O'Keeffe / Ansel Adams exhibit at SFMOMA (and a Richard Avedon thing starting a bit later) and a samurai exhibit at the Asian Art Museum. If you're going to be in San Francisco this summer and have even a vaguely artistic bent you should find something to do without too much trouble.

We brought both a stroller and a sling and the sling won, hands down. Much easier to keep the baby calm and much easier to maneuver around without getting in everybody's way.


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My mom wanted to go to that, nice to know it was cool!

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