Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday's election

No politics, just a story.

So we voted just before lunchtime yesterday, and since we moved we had to find the polling place and all that. Turns out it was at a nearby school but it wasn't in a room exactly - they literally put a desk and a half dozen minimal voting "booths" into a hallway. We've gone to the optical ballots where you just draw a line to compete the arrow so there's no kind of machine or anything - it's just a little table with a cardboard shield around it. Think of it as a voting urinal and you'll be pretty close, it's just that the flat area's up higher.

Then you shove your ballot in the scanner and the counter goes up one (77 people, whoo hoo).

Two things were amusing to me. One was that the workers were almost grateful that somebody showed up, and even more so that they brought a kid to observe. She's six weeks old so I'm not sure how much observing she did, but I'm glad they were welcoming. It would have been a pain to take turns or whatever. But they were really over the top about it - talking about how it's good to model the behavior basically.

The second is that this was an elementary school, and as I said, just before lunchtime and in a hallway. So the whole time there were tons of kids being escorted through the hallway (going to lunch?). So the combination of "How wonderful you brought your child; children should see how important this is." and with all the kids running up and down the hallway seeing that voting's ever so important that a) they just stuck it in a hallway somewhere, and b) hardly anybody showed up.



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