Sunday, May 24, 2009


I mentioned at some point that I am tentatively selling again on eBay and I'd see how it went. Well, the results are in and they're weird.

In the last two weeks...

Dollar value of auction items sold: Zero!
Dollar value of "store" items sold: $400
Dollar value of items sold direct on this website because of people on eBay asking if something was available in a different size or whatever: $400

So I have $800 in two weeks of prints sold that is directly due to eBay sales or exposure, but zero from auction items. There might be more from exposure for that matter - that's just sales where I knew there had been some kind of contact in the last day or two in regards to an eBay item.

People ask me about this stuff with the implied question of "Should I sell my art there?". And I'm not sure what to say, really. eBay appears to be more effective as a kind of marketing tool than anything else right now (and frankly that's how I tend to think of it even when things are going well), but if you don't have a way of capturing sales from the people who contact you I'm not sure how valuable it is. And traditionally the summer, especially June and July, are really slow.

Personally I plan on keeping listing but probably at a fairly sedate level - a couple of prints a day, just enough to show up in searches basically. I'll report back at some point and we'll see if this basic pattern continues or not.


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