Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

I sometimes try to post an appropriate picture for Memorial Day and I kind of like this one - it's one of the Blue Angels flying by Alcatraz.

Looks like they'll be back October 10th and 11th here in San Francisco. Which is good timing for fleet week since Monday is Columbus day. The local Italian community has given up on arguing about Columbus - the holiday was always basically like the Italian version of St. Patrick's or any other ethnic holiday - Columbus was just an excuse to say "yay for us" - so they've given up on the name and they'll hold the Italian Heritage Day Parade on the 11th. So basically it's just going to be nuts in San Francisco that weekend, but that's not exactly unusual. This will be their 139th time so I imagine they have it down by now.

But I digress. It's Memorial Day. Do try to remember it's not just about hot dogs...


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