Thursday, June 19, 2008

Post Shoot Notes: Kamarose

Crazy day today - Kamarose was kind enough to do an outdoor shoot with me today (one of the first frames on the left - as always I just grab one that looks good from the thumbnails) and I have a model pre-meet after lunch and then a maternity portrait shoot this afternoon. I was going to avoid setting up the studio for a bit but sometimes maternity shoots just can't wait, you know?

We shot in the east bay hills. Just so you know, those are California's golden hills, not "brown" or "hey isn't that just dead grass".

The pre-meet's interesting - I've mentioned these before - usually it's a gal who either doesn't have nude pictures to show or is shy about sending them out and if I can't really tell enough about what she looks like to risk it I'll have them swing by and basically they just undress and we chat for a bit and then they leave. It's fairly surreal, actually, in its own way but sometimes it makes sense. Update: It's also a good way to detect flakes and people who will get cold feet and so forth without the pain of setting up the studio. I just wish they'd tell me first - at least an email or a text message or something - I wouldn't have had to rush so much with lunch and setup for the 2:00 if I wasn't expecting to be busy around 1:00.


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