Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mike Rowe Moment

(If you don't know who Mike Rowe is, he hosts Dirty Jobs among other things)

This could also be titled "adventures in plumbing". So I have an itty bitty house - one bathroom - and so when anything goes bad it pretty much needs to be taken care of. The bathroom sink drain tends to get slower and slower and then once a year or so I take off the U-trap and kind of poke around and that generally takes care of it.

This year that just led to it clogging completely - clearly something stuck further downstream. Well, I know how to snake a drain, so I did. It's one of those things about lifestyle jobs - the low income means you pretty much get to do that kind of thing yourself. Also I did that kind of thing when I was an overpaid software engineer just 'cause I'm cheap and really, it's just not that hard and I'd rather get it done then wait around for somebody else to do it, especially since there's just the one bathroom.

And I tell you, I have never seen anything so disgusting come back up. The smell was horrible and it seriously looked like a very dead squirrel was on the end of that thing. Turned out to be hair and goo and Lord knows what but I didn't even want to reel the snake back in - I ended up toweling it down enough to wash elsewhere and throwing away the towel.

No, there are no pictures. Believe me, that's a good thing. Besides, you really think I was going to touch a camera after that? Or eat, ever again...


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