Monday, June 16, 2008

New book online!

I'm kind of swamped between mailing out packages and going through my mail and so forth, but one thing that arrived today was the proof copy of my new book (not very creatively named "Nudes") and it looks great so I've made it public through the publisher. I haven't really set up previews and such, and it will be a while before I have signed copies to sell, but you're welcome to order it direct. Probably in a day or so I'll set it up here for pre-order depending on how my to-do list goes. You can see which images are in it here.

It looks really great - partially I think Lulu does a good job on most images but I'm also getting a feel for which images will look good with their system so there's a bit of pre-selection going on with that in mind.


Blogger sevenpointed said...

I would love to know your thoughts on which images are good for LuLu and which are not. I did a little staple book for myself just to see and had a similar experience, and before going full color it would be good info.


8:34 AM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

They do better with black and white than color, although their shadow detail isn't great. With the color ones they're often a bit warm but not consistently enough that you can depend on it and go cold with your images. So to some extent if it's color the thinking is "if this one gets printed too warm will it look stupid?"

1:28 PM  

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