Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trip Report

So I write one of these trip reports (travelogues basically) every year, it's kind of traditional. Most of the people who actually seem to read the things are doing some kind of trip planning, but maybe people will find it interesting. If so, check it out.

I'm still chugging through my to-do list. It's actually growing, partially because I'm thinking of more things, and partially because completing some tasks open up the possibility to attack three more things. Also some tasks are triggered by deliveries arriving (because I need the part or chemical or whatever to proceed).

On the plus side I've been swamped with models wanting to work with me. It's mostly a seasonal thing - the college students who didn't get good summer jobs are getting bored just about now. I'm trying to focus on doing some outdoor shoots with models I've worked with before and like but I'll be trying to identify the cream of the crop and getting in some shoots with the newbies. A lot of them end up getting cold feet - always a problem with a model who has never posed nude before - but sometimes you find a real gem.


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