Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hosting Issues

My apologies to anybody who was affected by the server that hosts this site being up and down today - apparently the air conditioning at my host's datacenter blew - you would think that they would have some redundancy there but apparently not. But it looks like it was down from about 9-11 (California time) and then they turned it back on for an hour, then off for an hour, and then it's been up since and apparently the air conditioning is back on.

Seems like I get something like this happening about once a year - which is better than my old host where there was some disaster that was "out of their control" about once a month for a long time, and then once a week towards the end. So it's a big improvement but it's still pretty irritating.

If anybody sent me email and I don't reply, well, never hurts to resend it.


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