Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I spent yesterday and a day last week making cyanotypes. Not only are they involved to make, but then you have to let them dry a day, and then press them flat for a couple of days, and then photograph them, and only then can you list them. So by then all of my auctions will be over. That's the way of things sometimes around here - things happen in a funny order because sometimes I have to leap on a task when it's possible to do it (like the humidity is right) and not at the ideal time.

I'll probably put a few in the eBay store and keep some in reserve for when I start listing auction items again. I should altogether be able to at least double the number on hand available for sale, although you can use the shopping cart to order a cyanotype of any image on the website (although given my hiatus you won't get it until late June).

That one over there isn't a new one - it's just an image I had handy.


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