Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blog updates

I'm playing with the template in at attempt to integrate the blog a little better into the rest of the site, both in terms of the color schemes and navigational stuff. I'm uploading it periodically and testing with different browsers. If something breaks badly, give it a few minutes and reload. If that doesn't work feel free to drop me a note or comment on this post and mention which browser and platform you're using.

Stage two will be to update the links like model blogs and so forth, but so far I've just pruned dead ones and won't add any until the framework settles down a bit.

Update: It seems to be working ok on a couple of different browsers. Ironically I discovered that IE is rendering the main pages a little oddly (they're left justified instead of centered) compared to how Firefox and Safari do it. Maybe it's a question of different defaults, I don't know - I'll have to look at the CSS at some point and see if I can figure it out. The blog is the same on all browsers and the CSS is very similar so go figure.

I'll start beefing up the links and things when I have some free time. If you're a model I've worked with and have a website or blog and would like a link drop me a note - I'll try to track them all down at some point but if people send me stuff I'll add them as they come in.

This burst of activity is largely due to the fact that I've been making cyanotypes all day and I keep having little 10 minute chunks of time while I'm waiting for something to soak or be exposed but I've been meaning to do it for a while. When I redid the color scheme for the main site I found that people stayed longer - I think the all black background is kind of hard on the eyes, and I made a lot of navigation things more obvious. So it's good to update the blog to basically match - it should be easier to read, and while it's not perfect at least the navigation bar on the bottom of the page does let you bounce around the important pages on the site without it looking too weird.


Blogger Mightybri's blogs said...


Long time reader first time commenter.

I like the black background. Especially on the photography, it's what I use on mine.

My two cents.


9:18 AM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

For me the key factor was that on the main website the average visit length went up by about 50%. I really think that people spend more time poking around if it's easier on the eyes.

I held off on changing the blog until I had some good data to show that it wasn't just a short term fluke, but it's been holding very steady.

9:28 AM  

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