Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hosting Companies

I've had a little cluster of people asking me about who my hosting company is. I guess things are running faster these days!

They're Lunarpages. I like them just fine despite the name - things run way faster and more reliably than at Affordablehost, my old company. Affordablehost was pretty good at first - I was with them for years - but in the last year they got bought by another company and everything went downhill. One of these days I'll post the whole disaster story - basically they're incompetent (server crashes all the time, no backups, they lost tons of email) and theives (didn't honor their money back guarantees - they stiffed me for my last couple of months).

Put it this way - when the idiots at Affordablehost turned off my hosting because somebody with a popular site linked to me, I had things up and running at Lunarpages within a couple of hours. Affordablehost, who no longer has phone support, didn't respond to my trouble ticket for a couple of days. Case closed.


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