Sunday, January 29, 2006

More Maternity News

As a followup to my thoughts yesterday, I put a little blurb about maternity photography (pregnancy photography) over on the Honest Portraits site. It will be interesting to see if it sparks any new business. It seems to me that there must be people out there who want something a little different, especially in and around San Francisco. On the other hand maybe the people who do that full time are churning out the same images over and over again because that's what people want. That's OK, I'm happy to just do portraits for people who want something a bit different...

Update: I did eventually find some very nice maternity photos - I'll even give her a plug - Jennifer Loomis Photography - but she has operations in three cities with a "team" of photographers so I'm not sure who took what in the portfolio. Still, worth a look.


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