Saturday, February 11, 2006

Counting Chickens...

...before they're hatched. Bad idea.

One thing that's frustrating about working with freelance models is that you're never 100% sure they're going to show up until they're at your door. I haven't had any trouble with flakes for the first batch I did this year (8 shoots?) although I did have one scheduled for Jan 3rd where she cancelled a couple of days in advance. So it's also hard to give people a heads up if I'm between shooting cycles as to how long it will be before there's much to talk about here.

But if things basically work out OK I should have roughly a shoot a week showing up on the website starting on, say, the 20th. That works out to be a pretty good pace for me considering I also do portrait work and other things that don't show up here. There may be a few blog updates before then commenting on a shoot I've done. I may also start putting up one or two "preview" shots just for blog readers so there may be some updates between shoots. But basically don't expect a whole lot for a week or so, and then roughly a shoot a week.

Update - over the next couple of days after writing that, I had two shoots rescheduled, one mysteriously cancelled (cold feet?), but also had a couple of models I hadn't heard from in a while suddenly get interested in working with me. So I'll probably do around the same number of shoots... but not necessarily with the same people!


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