Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sara Mann - The End of You

So there's this singer/songwriter I've loved forever - Sara Mann. I first heard her as a backup singer, and I was in the front row and basically couldn't keep my eyes off her the whole time - beautiful, charming, and when she sung a duet, man she can sing. Luckily at this point they mentioned her name, and I've been keeping track of her ever since.

So years go by, occasionally a new track would dribble out, she'd play gigs in Los Angeles fairly often but I don't make it down that way very often, she had some small TV roles, but basically it wasn't that easy to get her stuff.

Well, that's changed - she has a new CD out, which you can get at CD Baby or iTunes. If you don't know CD Baby - they have all kinds of interesting stuff and you can listen to about a minute and a half of the start of every song on the album which is nicer than iTunes for previewing a new artist.

Anyway, check her out on either site, if it sounds like your kind of thing, buy a copy, I'm sure every bit helps, and it's only $10 on iTunes, it's not like you're taking some mammoth risk.


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