Thursday, March 27, 2008

More on price increases

More Monterey Bay Aquarium fun. Click on it to see it a bit bigger - blogger doesn't do a great job of shrinking these down.

So I have some actual numbers on this now. Remember for my current collectors out there, this is good news - it means your prints are worth more. And for the rest of you, this is like knowing a stock will increase two weeks in advance. Cool, huh? This is part of a larger plan for 2008, but these are the first steps.

March 31st - change platinum prints on eBay store to match website ($125)

April 10th - new pricing for eBay store and website.

Lab Prints:
8x10 $29.95
11x14 $59.95
16x20 $124.95

Cyanotype: $100
Platinum: $150
Cyanotype Over Platinum: $250

Auction prices on eBay will still start somewhat lower (example: $24.95 for 8x10s) but as usual will be limited by eBay rules and me guessing what will sell there.


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