The "San Francisco Nudes 2008" book, or unofficially "The Plain Brown Wrapper" book is an attempt to provide a higher end book than what my current publisher can handle, while still being cost effective compared to just buying prints. It's from one of the companies that does wedding books for high-end weddings. The quality is substantially better than is normal for any kind of small press art book, and they're very expensive to produce. The quality of each image is very close to the quality of a lab print and of course the book is a major savings for the customer over buying 19 lab prints but is actually more expensive for me to produce (because of the binding and so forth).

I'm offering a signed, limited, lettered edition of ten copies (A-J) in your choice of cover material. It does take a few days for these to be made so please keep that in mind while ordering - you'll probably have your book in 1-2 weeks unless I happen to have one with your cover material on hand. These will not be offered in any kind of future numbered edition although of course the images are used for other purposes. If the edition does not sell out by Jan 1st, 2009 I will stop offering it in any case.

The images are 19 of my favorites, pulling more heavily from recent photos that aren't in the earlier books. The cover is blank (therefore the name) with a title page containing the name of the book and the edition information and so forth. The pages are 10" square, so an 8x10 in either orientation will fit as well as a couple of images from square-crop film cameras.

Note: Because of the small size of the edition I cannot guarantee availability. If the edition somehow sells out before I can disable the ordering buttons I'll refund your money.

Black Leather Cover $99.95
Tan Leather Cover $99.95
Black Fabric Cover $99.95

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