Saturday, April 03, 2010


As regular readers know, in addition to adding new material I also revisit old sets to keep things from getting even more bloated than they are. This takes two forms.

1. Every six months or so I flip through individual sets and remove pictures I wouldn't include now. As an example sometimes a set gets hit really hard if I was pleased with some new technique... that I then perfected two shoots later and these look bad in comparison. I'll probably next do this in May when I need to tweak my templates and regenerate the site anyway.
2. I periodically move sets from the main page to the archive page, and eventually sets get deleted entirely... except sometimes if I had one or two exception shots they go to the odds and ends page. This is basically what my "best of" page would have looked like in 2007.

At the beginning of the year I had 112 nude sets up, and I said my goal for 2010 was to do 24 new shoots (down from my usual 30-35) and have about 100 sets on the site... so you see where that's headed.

Anyway, I just did #2 - moved some sets around, deleted some. If I broke something, somebody please give me a shout - my email's over in the right hand sidebar.


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