Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little updates

If anybody's looking for some really excellent imported wild fennel seeds, check out Sausage Debauchery's eBay store. I hadn't made sausage for a while - it's actually pretty easy, and fun, and yummy, but the fancy-pants fennel definitely makes a difference. (Update: His website's live now - Sausage Debauchery).

As long as I'm plugging random folks, I get casings and the curing salts for when I make bacon from Butcher Packer.

Blurb printed the book sample faster than expected and it turns out they ship them from Washington so I should have it Wednesday according to the shipper.

My lab does framing now and I ordered some for the studio and they look GREAT. Part of why I got them was so I can have some pictures handy, up on the wall, where I can point and say that's an 8x10, that's an 11x14, that's a 16x20 and they can see what they look like framed without running around the house and finding some. I'll also offer it as a service to portrait clients - I got a little sample thing with pieces of the different frame choices and all that. It probably doesn't make sense as a website option, so I won't be adding it in any formal way, but if you've been thinking "Gosh, I'd love a print, but I hate getting things framed" drop me a note and we'll talk.

And as I'm sure everybody's tired of hearing, there's lots of cool shoots scheduled, but we're not there yet.


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