Monday, March 01, 2010

Little updates

The posters thing didn't perform and I've removed it. There was interest but somehow no actual sales. But hey, now I know, and oddly enough sales of some of the high end stuff have been really strong. It's interesting - I used to sell mostly 8x10s but now it's mostly 11x14s and 16x20s.

I would like to have some lower cost option, partially because it lets people try out my customer service (excellent!) without risking lots of cash, so I'll probably step up plans to whip together a book. Same sort of thing I've done in the past, for those who have one, 60ish pages, and I skipped a year so I have two years to choose from so I'll probably do anywhere from 0-2 pictures per shoot. There's not a lot of text so it's pretty straightforward if you already have the pictures - basically just a question of choosing and assembling everything, then I'll probably try a different print on demand company just to compare, and then go ahead with whichever one impresses me the most. I'll try to get those first steps started because it does take a while to get a sample back.

I have some cool shoots scheduled, but none as soon as I'd like, sorry about that. But if even some of what I have planned works out I think folks will be pleased.


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