Friday, March 26, 2010

Book update

I got my corrected copy of Beauty and it looks great. So I've updated the books page with a direct link to the printer for those of you who would rather buy one that way. If you click on the cover it will take you right to a preview of the first few (of 80) pages so you can get the idea.

I think it's only good for another couple of days, but the code TWENTYPERCENT will get you... wait for it... twenty percent off if you buy through Blurb.

I'll be in "pre-order" mode here for a while longer for people who want signed copies. I used the code above to order a small number of copies to start. Depending on how much things pick up now that there's a preview out there, it may or may not be enough to cover anything past some initial orders so basically the bottom line is that if you want a signed copy from me, that's great, but if you don't order soon you might be in the second batch and it might take another couple of weeks. (The first batch will go out around early April). I'll put some on eBay at some point for people who prefer that, but only once I have some extra copies on hand and nobody's waiting for their order.


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