Sunday, March 07, 2010

Book progress

So I went through the 47 shoots I identified earlier and came up with 86 shots, which is more than I want because I want to keep it under 80 pages and you lose some pages to title pages and such (although two will be front and back cover shots). This isn't really a problem because some will naturally drop out when I start caring about what order they go in. It's basically an exercise in pairing up pictures - compare and contrast - maybe two pictures of the same model that are interesting, or the same lighting, or two different models in the same location, or similar poses, or similar moods, or very different moods... you get the idea. And it seems like there's always something that doesn't quite fit. So with any luck maybe some will just drop out.

The next steps are to figure out exactly what dimensions I need, if I'm going to use their software to assemble everything or use a word processing program and generate a .pdf, and then just sit down and do it. That last bit usually takes a while if you're not just throwing everything together at random.

I'll probably also try some cover mockups with a fake title. Finding a cover is always challenging - you need not only a strong image and one that sums up the book but one with a lot of empty space where you can put text! So even if I can't make the final version sometimes it's useful to make some mockups so I at least know what image I'm using so I won't use that in the book itself.


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