Friday, March 05, 2010

Book notes

So here's my to do list:
1. Identify shoots since last book - done - 47 that are suitable
2. Identify 1-2 pictures from each shoot, including keeping an eye out for good cover shots
3. I've traditionally used Lulu - check Blurb since they seem to be popular now. What's their pricing, are there any format gotchas, and see if it's worth sending in a minimal short form book just to test quality. (Depending on minimum page lengths and stuff)
4. Make final decision on printer
5. Get their templates and per page dimensions
6. Format everything to that spec
7. Come up with a !@#$ title (always the hard part)
8. Format covers to their spec
9. Assemble book, including title page, choosing picture order. Identify any text that needs to be written.
10. Write the text, format that.
11. Send to printer for test run.
12. If it looks good make it available for sale

I'm not sure how long it's going to take given my other commitments, but I have three shoots scheduled but they're all in the last two weeks of March so let's see how far I can get before then.


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