Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Blogger sucks. They're discontinuing the kind of blog I have - where I use their tools to write it, but then it's pushed onto my local site. Using the surviving options it's possible to set it up using a custom domain - but not into a subdirectory. One thing I like about the current setup is that the blog's just another part of the site with basically the same look, etc. and this is going to be a step away from that. The good news is that it appears that I can use a subdomain, so basically instead of

www.san-francisco-nudes.com/blog it becomes

It's not quite as clean but it's doable. One obvious disadvantage is that I won't be able to use my current stats package but since I just updated it since September obviously I don't pay too much attention to that anyway. I suspect there will be a lot of other little annoyances but we'll see.

It's not clear yet if I'll be able to keep my existing templates or if I need to start with a modern one and tweak it to make it look basically like the site. Probably I'll need to start with a new one which would give me the more modern/useful archive column in the sidebar and such.

There's supposed to be a migration tool available at the end of February, so I'm not going to do squat about it until then, but sometime between then and March 26th when they kill service I'll be moving over. In theory it's supposed to be pretty transparent with redirects from the old URL to the new one but we'll see.


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I loved technology, but technology does not love me!

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