Monday, February 01, 2010

Just checking in

I'm still alive and all that. I have a couple of models lined up to do stuff if it ever stops raining (three or so where it's vague, one where we're basically checking in every weekend to see if anything looks good in the next few days). If it keeps up a whole lot longer I'll book some studio work, but between portrait work and my "to do" list being outdoor heavy I'd really like to shoot some models outdoors.

The whole "getting everything that was on my PC working on my iMac" thing continues to go well. As an example I run awstats locally to keep an eye on my web stats, but not that often so I just now got around to installing it and updating my data since September. There were no real surprises - traffic's been pretty stable over the long run with the occasional spike if some popular site links to me. I'm really happy with my iMac - I have it set up now to boot in either MacOS and Windows 7 and it's really eased the transition back to the Mac.

eBay's decided to make massive changes - they're eliminating the stores as we know it so there will be only one kind of fixed price item, which has its pros and cons. It's really not obvious what I should do - probably I'll just keep a token presence there since it's been less and less of my sales anyway, but I haven't made any decisions yet. They're trying to get everybody to commit to an expensive store subscription package by Feb 16th but they're awfully vague on exactly why you should do it so early. Sigh... but it looks to me like I should maybe just have it set so a couple of fixed priced items end every day and eliminate auctions entirely. The big reason to keep some kind of presence there is it's where a lot of my new customers from from.

Other than that I'm trying to keep the newly mobile baby from causing too much chaos (watching her is much more full time than it was when she slept more and stayed where you put her), and finishing off some of my apparently neverending homeowner to do list.

I've been posting the occasional little funny thing that's not worthy of a blog post over on Facebook - if that sounds interesting, check it out (I know the whole "fan" language irritates some people but it's the best way to keep both a private and a public page on Facebook - the wording wasn't my idea.)


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