Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain, rain, I'd like you to go away but I guess technically we're still in a drought...

The local paper's predicting massive storms and flooding all this upcoming week. Of course, they did that a couple of weeks ago and we got a light drizzle, but they could be right. The thing about rain here is if it's raining it's from a storm coming in from the Pacific. There's a couple of scenarios - cold storms from the north, warm ones from the south, but point being you can see them coming a couple of days out on the satellite. So mostly the weather's pretty predictable in the sort term, but they do sometimes speed up or slow down or deflect a bit. For some reason we've just been catching the southern edge of some of the storms lately so depending on the exact angle sometimes it's hard to predict exactly if it will hit us or not.

But the article comments are hilarious - OH MY GOD!!! ITS GOING TO RAIN!!! with 148 up thumbs and 5 down thumbs sets the tone, with some snarky comments about the hyping of the non-drought following. (We've had three years in a row with 70% rainfall which means reservoir levels have been iffy but it's not exactly a dustbowl.) I wonder if newspapers wish for the good old days when the readers couldn't talk back?

Anyway, I have three potential shoots waiting on better weather - if we have our usual warmer February pattern I'll start seeing if I can book some of them then. And I have a model shoot scheduled for late in the month, so if that goes well I should have some new pictures soon, although as regular readers know it's a bad idea to count the models before they're hatched (so to speak).


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