Friday, January 22, 2010


It's 5/7th cured now. It doesn't look much different to the eye - some fluid forming, more so on the one that had more syrup (this is the one with less). Sunday I'll wash off the cure and let them dry for a day in the fridge, uncovered. Yes, I do have an extremely patient wife, thanks for asking. Monday I'll smoke them and I'll update then.

By the way - I know in places where they put things like mustard in their bacon cure the idea of maple syrup is horrifying - "You Americans and your candy bacon." It's actually not the way we usually do it either, but it's good, especially with a sweeter wood like apple instead of hickory for the smoking part. And it's the kind of thing where they don't do a good job with commercial bacon (because good maple syrup is expensive) so it's a good candidate if you're trying it yourself.

I installed Windows 7 on my 27" iMac. Apple recently put out new drivers and such to make it easier. The only gotcha is that the video card doesn't get along with old drivers on the Windows DVD, and you have to do things to get around that.

1. Make a USB stick with the right drivers and have it plugged in while Windows is installing. Windows will find those and use them instead.

2. When you install the BootCamp off of the OSX disk, make sure you use the one that came with the iMac, not some random Snow Leopard disk you have around, or it will cheerfully install the wrong drivers (and you'll get a black screen until you boot off of a recovery CD and roll them back.)

(3. Then you can go ahead and install the 3.1 drivers via Apple software update.)

I also found that somehow Windows recognized my wireless keyboard right away, but not my wireless mouse, so I had to plug in a USB mouse to get things rolling.

Anyway, it works, and until I can get just a couple of remaining odds and ends running on the Mac side it will make my life easier.


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