Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little updates

Well, the good news is that 13 months after buying this house I finally installed the baseboards in the kitchen. Classy, huh? I haven't been getting through my to do list as fast as I'd like because of some distractions but I'm getting there on finishing up those kinds of post-move loose ends.

Speaking of distractions, my daughter just turned 9 months old and is doing great. Everybody warned me (to excess) that everything changes super fast but it's still a shock. I'm enjoying the constant development but at the same time... where'd the baby go?

Why the picture of the ribs? I got a smoker and have been going a little crazy with the meat. Luckily most of the cuts involved are pretty cheap - $9 of pork butt and 12.5 hours of cooking later it's pulled pork sandwiches for ages. I may blog that a little at some point but I'll try not to more everybody too much.

I have a couple of vague shoot plans with a couple of models but they're all outdoors and we're all waiting for things to warm up a bit. It's not really "get naked by the bay" weather. I've had some folks write to me about shooting but since Elizaveta nobody too exciting. Mostly inquiries from people who haven't posed nude before - it's a small miracle that those shoots happen at all - it's easy to sit at home in front of a computer and think "that might be fun" and it's another to show up and actually do it. It takes a special kind of person!


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