Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy new year!

I'd click on that for best results.

Yep, back to the computer and Lightroom and flipping through shots to find the good ones.

I'm firming up some goals for the year but I'm thinking something more like 24 shoots down from the usual 30-35. That should help make it easier to keep pushing that quality bar up. Likewise there's something like 110 nude shoots on the site and I'm shooting to have it down to 100 fairly soon and maintaining things at that level at most. As always anything in the archive section is at risk of immediate deletion (which isn't new, the only new bit is to set a fairly arbitrary limit on the total number of sets to keep me from letting things continue to slip).

Even with that, of course, there's a crazy number of shots on the website. Over 2010 the process of weeding individual sets down and removing sets will continue. There's thousands of pictures on the site and while I like presenting a lot of choices at some point it's just paralyzing for the customers. How do you know you've found your favorite shot? How long would it really take to look at all of them? How many people are even poking around the archive section and should step 2 just be to dump all of it? These are the kinds of questions I'll be trying to answer in 2010...

...and of course that doesn't even address the nature of the 24 shoots. Studio? Urban? Rural? Fire performers? Do I want to invest in new gear to help me get some certain shot, or try to be more creative with what I have? Sigh...


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