Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday schedule notes

Just a reminder that things slow down a little this time of year. My lab has some days they're closed around Christmas and New Years. They ship to me 2 day UPS which doesn't slow down as much as ground, but I ship Priority Mail which definitely gets slower starting around now and doesn't really recover until early Jan. In addition sometime in the next month there's a decent chance we'll get out of town for a couple of days.

Also remember that I'm retiring the current book Jan 1st, and prices go up Jan 1st.

I'm tentatively planning on doing another book sometime soon but it will be a little drawn out since I want to test a couple of options and see what makes the most sense. So even if I get it put together over the holidays it probably won't be available for sale for a while. It will be the usual kind of thing - 50-75 pages, and material from roughly a the last year. In this case I skipped doing one in May 2009 because we had the baby in April so it will probably be a little thicker than normal but nothing extreme.


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