Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First shoot of 2010

Counting by when they'll be on the site, not when I took them!

Here's a good example for when people ask me "where do you get your models?". Well, she wrote me a couple of days ago saying she liked my work, and wanted to try shooting nude, and could I fit her in before she went back to college. So we gave it a whirl and she turned out to be great.

I'm going to shoot for having them up in a week but it might be a little longer depending on how things go.

PS I've updated my templates and regenerated the website in preparation for the price increase Jan 1st. My plan is probably going to be to actually upload the files while I'm watching the Rose Parade and just get it done. So it's really going to be sooner rather than later, and if anybody's waiting for the 1st for some reason you're not going to have much time.


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