Monday, November 30, 2009


You know, I just get more and more fond of brief pre-meetings with models before committing to a shoot. It isn't always possible with models who are too busy to do it but in those cases I can generally check references so that's fine too.

I had a gal send a picture of her looking super cute, long hair, very clean cut. Just what I was looking for at the moment. So I ask for some current nude shots, as I always do in these cases (even a little clothing can be very misleading - I've gained a real appreciation for what a good bra can hide.). She said she didn't have any pictures and couldn't take any but was willing to meet.

This is a pretty big red flag. Especially when they don't claim that they have a digital camera (and are sending you email from an iPhone! Or a Mac for that matter - I've received pictures that were clearly taken with the built in camera on all Macs and taken with the little photo booth application). Some models express concern about "picture collectors" but when it's in the context of somebody who takes nude pictures for a living usually what it means is that they're not sure they're going to go through with it and they don't want nude shots out there until they're totally sure. But still, if they're willing to come out here and do a pre-meet I'll meet with them briefly, although it's about 50/50 that they'll look good enough to shoot and of those it's about 50/50 that they'll actually show up to the shoot itself - many get cold feet. So there's only about a 25% chance it will result in a shoot. As a result we meet at a coffee shop a half block from my house so I don't lose much time. If they don't want to come out here they can get a portfolio first. It's just the kind of system you have to put in place if you want a shot at beginning models but don't want to spend a lot of time on it.

Anyway, getting back to this particular model - once she realized that since there was a step before the actual shoot she realized that she couldn't just guilt me into shooting her anyway when she showed up looking nothing like her pictures. So then suddenly she admits she has some more recent pictures, but they're still a year old (not that she'd ever mentioned it was apparently a 2-3 year old picture to start). And in the new picture she looks nothing like the original. Hacked up short hair of a different color, different features, everything. I would never have guessed they were the same person. Not unattractive, but not what I was looking for either. So basically she decided to come clean to save herself the trip if I wasn't interested in the reality. Of course it's still an old picture so really I still have no idea, but rather than be a douche and have her drive over here and undress for me even though I suspect that there's only a 10% chance I'd hire her I told her to skip it.

But geeze, back when I was first starting I'd probably just have had her come on by for the actual shoot. How awkward...


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