Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Pictures: Helena

I've just uploaded a new set with Helena. I shot with her a couple of times back in the day - it's some of the oldest material still on the site, here and here.

There are definitely things I like and dislike about doing urban nudes with flash. You can shoot in places you couldn't otherwise, and you have more control over the lighting (duh) but it attracts a lot of attention and you kind of have to keep moving. Between that and setup it's hard to get a whole lot done. It's also hard to find locations that really benefit from it. I don't think I'm going to do that many more shoots this way - I'll mostly stick to ambient light (fast lens, high ISO, relatively well lit area) but keep the flash for when there's just no other way to make it work.

(I think I mentioned this already, but this is the shoot where we got a little attention from the police. Nothing bad - when she was nude up on the wall a police car drove by and just slowed a bit. They or another car did come by in the other direction a few minutes later but we were packed up (and dressed!) by then and they just kept going. I'm not sure if they wanted to chew us out a bit or if he just wanted a second look...)


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