Monday, November 09, 2009

Heads up

I'm doing a lot of stuff that's either planning or location scouting or back end work on the websites and I'll say more about all of that as things progress but one thing I wanted to give a heads up about in advance is that one side effect of making Lightroom catalogs of all of the old material is that it's much easier and faster than before to weed through old sets, and frankly a lot of them are overdue. So if you want anything, especially on the archive page (I'm doing the oldest stuff first), this would be a good time to get it. There's always a balance between making it easier to find what I hope to be the best stuff, and the reality that not everybody agrees about what's the best stuff. But I do try to go through and both slim down individual sets and I've removed a ton of shoots entirely (sometimes a hint remains behind in the form of one or two shots in the one hit wonders collection.)

I'm making a little adjustment to the way I do eBay stuff. This doesn't effect the "store" just the auction items. I've historically started them at roughly 20% below the usual price. It's actually closer than you might think because I charge shipping on eBay and not on this site. But I'm going to pull that in a bit starting in a week or so - make it more like a 10% discount although there will be some rounding to the nearest convenient price. Basically as time goes on I just want to give people less and less incentive to buy there instead of direct and this is just another little incremental step.

I'll probably be posting the next set (an outdoor set with Zinn) around the end of the week, yay. I'm really pleased with it and hopefully everybody will agree!


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