Monday, November 16, 2009

Heads Up Update

Just an update on a couple of things I talked about last week. I'm about half way done using Lightroom to zip through the sets quickly, re-rate them, and eliminate the shots that are not up to current standards. Depending on the set it's been anywhere from no change to a third of the shots - some of the sets have been slimmed down quite a bit. I'm about half way through the sets, working very roughly from old to new. Every time I do this I always end up removing something that somebody was just about to buy, really they were, could I put it back? So consider yourself warned. I usually do this roughly twice a year but with the baby it's been closer to a year since I've done a really comprehensive pass, and with the new 27" monitor the images are flipping by at slightly larger than 8x10 inches vertical or even larger horizontal so any tiny bit of softness or whatever and it's gone.

Once that's done it's time to do a quick set and see if there are any sets that are worth removing entirely. I've been better about keeping up on that approach so I don't think there will be huge number of sets being removed, but once again consider yourself warned because that's a more constant process and anything can go at any time.

Still loving the iMac - it's zippy and the big monitor is a big help. Once they get the latest Boot Camp drivers out I'll install Windows 7 on it - there's just a couple of useful tools that I haven't bothered to find on the Mac or I don't want to pay for an upgrade quite yet or the company's announced a Mac upgrade in 2010 and I'll wait until then. Plus there's a new Call of Duty out. (I note from the reviews that people are cranky about the way multiplayer works, but I barely have time to do single player let alone multiplayer... let's just hope they lower the cost by then because it's kind of crazy right now.)

It's fast enough I actually got the next set ready to go, and made good progress on the one after that. I have some portrait shoots scheduled but no model shoots. There's an urban nude shoot I want to do and a model who wants to do it but I need to get my butt out into the city at the right time of day and pre-check some lighting things. But mostly I'm on hiatus until the end of the year unless somebody on my wish list pops up. (Fire performer? Pregnant and don't mind signing a model release? My email's in the right sidebar over there.)

The eBay change took effect as planned - new items listed of as of today are at the new pricing, although I'm just going to let existing auctions run out without revising them so if you want to grab something currently online you'll save a few bucks.


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